Nevada Bureau of Mines and Geology

Desert Peak Geothermal Field

The Desert Peak geothermal field is located in the northern part of the Hot Springs Mountains about 6.4 km southeast of Brady's Hot Springs, near Fernley, Nevada. It is named for a prominent peak 3-5 km to the northwest of the geothermal area. There are no surface thermal indications at the area other than a few small occurrences of opal-cemented sand and travertine from inactive springs.

Brady's Hot Springs

Brady's Hot Springs is located along the southeast side of U.S. Interstate 80 about twenty miles northeast of Fernley, Nevada. These are the Emigrant Springs of the Forty-Mile Desert described by early transients in the mid-1800s, and they have been variously referred to as Hot Springs, Brady's, Springer's, or Fernley Hot Springs. The area is currently utilized for geothermal power exploration and development and agricultural processing.

Blue Mountain Geothermal Area

The Blue Mountain geothermal area, located in central Humboldt County, Nevada, was originally explored for gold potential. High temperatures were noted during exploratory drilling, and as a result, the area has been examined for geothermal potential from the late 1990s to present.

Nevada Geothermal Power and its wholly owned subsidiary, Noramex Corporation, are actively exploring and developing the area; Nevada Geothermal Power holds the geothermal leases to 7,680 acres of the area.

Beowawe Geothermal Field

The geothermal area at Beowawe Geysers straddles the Eureka-Lander County line in Whirlwind Valley, about 10 km west of the small community of Beowawe, Nevada. It is one of the largest geothermal fields in Nevada with some of the highest reported subsurface temperatures in the state (reservoir temperatures of 213-216C), making it an ideal area for the development and production of geothermal power.


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